Our Team Is Preparing Four New Security Agreements for Ukraine – Address by the President

Very soon, we will begin negotiations and quite promptly prepare the documents for signing. These agreements will cover defense support, finances, and humanitarian cooperation. With these, we will have almost thirty such agreements with our partners. We aimed to include various countries, not just NATO members. However, all of them are equally ready to help us defend our shared values. And this will happen. No matter what happens in the world, we need our own tools to support our people and state, our own security agreements that will work under any conditions. This is exactly what we are doing.

We Can Now Say: Our Air Defense Has Been Bolstered, We Will Be Able to Do More in the Skies – Address by the President of Ukraine

The German "Patriot" system has arrived in Ukraine, and I would like to thank Germany and the United States for this step. We will be able to do more in the skies. Of course, there is still much work ahead, and this is far from guaranteed protection, but nevertheless, it means more strength for Ukraine. I would like to thank everyone who helps us! Glory to our people!

We Need This Step – a Step That Will Force Russia to Seek Peace – Speech by the President of Ukraine at the Meeting of the UK Government

Britain has taken good steps and every new move you made strengthened our men and women on the frontlines, our successes – in the Black Sea first of all, our greater political opportunities, and our resilience as a nation, an army, and an entire society. Sure, Russia fears such support. In Moscow, they know that you in London have the decision-making power that can steer this war towards its end. And it will be the right conclusion – just and fair. We have to remember that in many aspects, Russia is weaker. Their intelligence is weaker. Their diplomacy has turned into mere bribes, lies, or threats. Economically, they are not strong.