All leaders, all international organizations must respond firmly to Russia's actions – address by the President of Ukraine

This war must become hopeless for Russia, for the terrorists. And they must feel to the fullest extent possible that there is a force that destroys those who want to destroy life. We are capable of providing this. Each partner knows what is needed. The key is the political will to implement everything. To provide exactly the level of supply that will help. If this does not happen, it will become one of the most disgraceful pages in history – if America or Europe are defeated by Iranian "Shahed" drones or Russian fighter jets. Russian evil should not be encouraged by weak decisions, delays in deliveries, or hesitation. The joint success of everyone in the world who values life should be tangible.

Delay in supplying weapons to Ukraine and anti-aircraft defense systems to protect our people leads to loss of lives – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine asked for nothing more than necessary to protect lives. When lives are lost, and partners are simply playing internal political games or disputes that limit our defense, it's impossible to understand. It's unacceptable. And it will be impossible to forget – the world will remember this.

This year, new fighter jets will be in our skies – address by the President of Ukraine

The key point is that Russia must be losing, and our country must restore security together with our partners. We are doing everything for this. I thank everyone who helps!