Access to Public Information


The Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information”

The President of Ukraine’s Decree “The Issue of the Executive Authorities’ Ensuring Access to Public Information”


To gain  access to public information on the activity of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, please contact:

postal address:
Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine,24/1,
Nahirna Street,
Kyiv, 04107

(Specify  on the envelope “Public Information”);

e-mail: [email protected]
fax: (044) 451-99-58
telephone:  (044) 451-97-08

The person in charge for receiving requests for  information:

Ivanchenko Volodymyr Anatoliyovych


The request for information should include:

  1. the name (title) of the requestor, postal address or email address, and the phone number if any;
  2. general description of the information or the type, name or the contents  of the document for which a request is made, if known to the requester;
  3. Signature  and the date if the  request is in writing form.

The request must specify the way of receiving  information.

To simplify the procedure of registration of the request for information,  special  forms should be filled out.

Form of request for information of an individual

Form for requesting legal entity information

The form of the request for information of the association of citizens without the status of a legal entity

Appeals against decisions, actions or inaction of officials of the SZR of Ukraine

Decisions, actions or inaction of officials of the SZR of  Ukraine in providing   or refusal to provide public information can be appealed  to the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine or to the court.

Appealing  against  decisions, actions or inaction of officials of the SZR of Ukraine in providing or refusal  to provide public information is made under the Administrative Court Procedure Code of Ukraine.