A Charitable Foundation For the Support of the Ukrainian Intelligence Community Has Been Established


“The Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Support Fund” is a charitable foundation that seeks to provide for the interests of the Ukrainian intelligence community.

Financial assistance can be provided via the following accounts:

EDRPOU 44849736

Foreign currency accounts in PrivatBank:

British pound account: IBAN UA633052990000026005041025826

Hryvnia: IBAN UA693052990000026006011021644

U.S. dollars: IBAN UA303052990000026004041022671

Euro: IBAN UA663052990000026008031022836

Polish zloty: IBAN UA593052990000026009011026572

Czech Krona: IBAN UA293052990000026003041023790

Swiss franc: IBAN UA553052990000026001001022045

Multi-currency account in UkrEximBank:

IBAN UA403223130000026005000050740

SWIFT: EXBSUAUX UA403223130000026005000050740