About FISU


The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (FISU) is an independent state body, which carries out its intelligence activities in political, economic, military and technical, scientific and technical, information and ecological spheres.

In accordance with the generally accepted world practice the functional organization of the intelligence service integrates the process of collecting actual information by carrying out human and signal intelligence operations, its analysis and production of analytic documents, assessments and scenarios of the development of situation in the national and international security sphere.

HUMINT plays the leading role among the activities of the FISU as well as in the majority of countries of the world. The main efforts of the officers, conducting the human intelligence, are aimed at providing the top policymakers with the urgent intelligence and at implementation of special measures in order to support the decisions that are advantageous forUkraine, as well as to maintain its positive image on the international arena.

Nowadays the intelligence service creates favourable opportunities for the state programmes implementation in the spheres of foreign policy and economy, including anti-crisis ones, as well as for the attraction of foreign investments, signing the contracts that allow to expand export potential of the state, to load production capacities of domestic enterprises and create new working places.

SIGINT is an important system creating part of the FISU. With the help of special methods it provides the collection of reliable documentary information from the international telecommunication networks.Ukrainebelongs to a number of countries that have the potential for the realization of a complete cycle of signal intelligence.

SIGINT Department and its territorial units have at its disposal the unique equipment, officers experienced in the spheres of radio interception and cryptography, the system programmers and analysts. This enables to obtain regularly the most valuable confidential information of political, economic, scientific, technical and military strategic character, to provide an active participation of the FISU in counterring terrorism and transnational organized crime.

Following the tendencies of the electric communication world system development allows the SIGINT Department of the FISU to make exact prognosis in time; to form and implement new technologies of collection intelligence information. The basis of the achievement in the area of scientific research is the high level of their own technical progressive researches. Today the SIGINT Department is armed with the apparatus and programming complexes produced inUkraine. The comprehension of SIGINT researches became the awarding of the group of scientists by the State Prize of Ukraine in the area of Science and Technique.

The system of providing the Ukrainian top policymakers with the urgent analytic information is based on conceptually new principles. Modern approaches to the organization of the analytic work are being implemented with the use of prognostication techniques and simulation of the situations. The state authorities are sent reliable recommendations on how to adequately counter the external threats to national security. The consumers of intelligence get the preventive and prognosing data concerning the top priority questions in time. This information is used during the preparation of important decisions and conducting negotiations with foreign partners.

The leadership of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine pay much attention to the work of the Foreign Countermeasures Department. Today its activity is carried out within the tasks legislatively assigned to FISU concerning taking part in counterring terrorism and international organized crime activity, illegal drugs smuggling, illegal ammunition trade and its production technologies, illegal migration.

As a result of the systemic measures carried out  by this department a number of real terrorist manifectations as to Ukrainian diplomatic missions  abroad have been prevented. The evacuation of thousands of Ukrainian citizens from the areas of conflicts and terrorist activity, in particular the zone of Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the warzone between South Ossetia and Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and other countries has been assisted. In cooperation with the government bodies ofUkraineand foreign partners some measures have been taken to provide assistance to the ship owners in order to liberate from pirates` captivity the ships and their crews that contain the citizens ofUkraine.

For the purpose of successful accomplishing its objectives the FISU concentrates its efforts mainly on the key directions of activity, tries to provide the adequacy of countermeasures against the existing and potential risks and the national security threats, orientating on the final result while making the estimation of its job.