May 30, 2023 Ukraine and the World – Against russia’s Aggression. Sanctions in Action


Denmark intends to increase its spending on military assistance to Ukraine by 17.9 billion crowns ($2.59 billion) this year and in 2024.

President of Poland Andrzej Duda has signed a law establishing a state commission on “russian influence”. According to him, “a special state commission is designed to identify russian influence on the security of Poland over the past 20 years”.

Poland has imposed national sanctions against 15 citizens and 20 organizations whose funds and assets will be frozen.

Former Minister of Defence of Slovakia Jaroslav Nagy has said that the Slovak special services exposed russia's attempt to falsify the upcoming parliamentary elections in favor of the Smer-SD party.


President of Moldova Maia Sandu proposed to Parliament to create a state department to counter disinformation and propaganda, in particular russian.

21 vessels of the Indian company Gatik Ship Management have been stripped of their Lloyd's Register certificates for transporting russian oil in violation of international sanctions.

The American company TJX Companies, which had a 25% stake in the russian chain of shops familia, has sold its business in the rf.

The ministry of labor of the rf has informed the population that by 2030, the number of russian women aged 30–39 will decrease by 33.8 % – from 12 million to 7.9 million. Also, by 2030, the total number of russian women of reproductive age will decrease.

The number of DDoS attacks on russia in the first quarter increased by 58 % compared to the same period last year – up to 384.8 thousand. In April, compared to March this year, the increase in the number of DDoS attacks was by 81 %, and in incomplete May – by 69 %.

The soviet of the federation has prepared a bill proposing not to apply the provisions of the civil code of the rf to protect the rights of rights holders of foreign films from “unfriendly countries” during screenings of their films in the rf until 2025, or to refuse to grant rights to show their films on russian territory. Since the film is not a commodity, it is impossible to solve the issue of the film screenings industry within the framework of parallel imports, senators of the rf believe.

russia has approved a law excluding a ban on holding referendums and elections to state authorities and local self-government in constituent entities of the rf where martial law has been introduced.

Poland has announced sanctions against 365 citizens of belarus over the upholding of the “draconian sentence of Andrzej Poczobut and the belarusian authorities’ repression against political opponents of the aleksandr lukashenko regime”. belarusians under sanctions are banned from entering Poland and other Schengen countries. The sanctions list includes 159 parliament members (the rest were already on the sanctions list), 76 judges, 7 prosecutors, 32 representatives of the local administration, 28 law enforcement officers, 23 representatives of the regime media engaged in propaganda, 24 sportsmen and sports figures, 8 employees of state-owned enterprises, 8 cultural and scientific figures.

members of parliament of the chamber of representatives of the national assembly of belarus svetlana lyubetskaia and aleksandr omelianiuk tried to challenge the sanctions that the European Union imposed on them on June 21, 2021. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg dismissed the claim and ordered the applicants to pay the defendant's costs. It was these members of parliament who were engaged in the development of an updated code of administrative offenses, which included a number of new articles increasing responsibility for opponents of the lukashenko regime.

Solar Land, which ordered the construction of the largest photovoltaic power plant in belarus in cherikovsky district, has filed for bankruptcy, but the minsk economic court returned the application. The total amount of investment costs in the project was estimated at $170 million, and 100% of the share in it belongs to the British company Cameliaside. Solar Land has been added to the list of assets in which its foreign owners are prohibited from alienating their shares without the consent of the belarusian government.

According to the plan for 2023, the volume of new housing in belarus should be 4.3 million square meters. At this, 4.2 million square meters of housing were built in the country last year. However, so far the picture is not very optimistic – a little more than 1 million square metres have been built, despite the fact that for the same period last year they built by 28% more.

The belarusian republican list of extremist materials includes the book “History of Poland from Ancient Times to the Present Day”, as well as “Collection of Patriotic Polish Songs” in Polish. The decision to recognize them as extremist materials was made by the baranovichi city court.

On May 29, the ministry of internal affairs of belarus recognized the Insider Telegram channel and its chat as extremist formations.